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The US Gold in Fort Knox is Secure, Gone, or Irrelevant?

In 1950 the US owned about 20,000 metric tons of gold - approximately 640,000,000 ounces.... Perhaps it is gone. 

Black Swans on Final Approach

There are several potential disasters that could disrupt the financial and political status quo, much like what happened after an Archduke was shot 100 years ago. 

Gold to Silver Ratio: 27 Years of Data
Statistically, gold and silver prices closely follow each other. But what is more important is the ratio between gold and silver and the trend of that ratio. The gold-to-silver ratio is currently high and in the zone of the 27 year trend-line where we can reasonably expect silver prices to increase and the ratio to turn down. 

Gold Prices Benefit From Economic Sins
Gold is currently excellent insurance against counter-party risk, consumer price inflation, central bank “money printing” and the consequences of the economic sins committed by irresponsible governments and central banks. 

Gold Prices 1971 - 2014 in 3 Waves
Ignore the hype regarding gold, bonds, booms and busts, hope and chains, “shock and awe,” stock market crashes, “money honey” commentary, and ignore the politicians. Don’t obsess over High-Frequency-Trading and market manipulation. Instead, focus on the big picture as shown in the following chart of monthly gold, which has been divided into 3 phases since 1971.