Who Killed Doctor Silver Cartwheel? (PDF via email 24 hours or less)


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Fiction:  This is a discussion about silver demonetization in the context of a mystery story.  It also discusses Federal Reserve policy, honest money, consumer price inflation, and potential prices for silver in about five years - in 2020.

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   Zach Chandler, a private detective in Dallas, Texas, is a throw-back to the 1950s.  He doesn’t use Google or a 9mm handgun.  Instead he thinks and listens. 

   His world turns upside down when the wealthy and eccentric Mildred MacDougal asks him to investigate a crime he does not understand.  Mrs. MacDougal remembers honest money, silver dollars, and low prices from the 1940s and 1950s.  Her father taught that silver was a Doctor, a natural healer of economic and physical diseases, and that silver dollars were often called cartwheels.  She wants Zach to investigate the murder of Doctor Silver Cartwheel. 

   After Zach explains to Mrs. MacDougal why silver is no longer used as money, she asks him to predict the price of silver in five years.  Zach enlists the aid of the mysterious Mr. Mystic and seeks insight from various silver analysts. 

   “Who Killed Doctor Silver Cartwheel” is a detective story that explores the history of silver and what caused its demonetization.  It also proposes several methods to estimate future prices for silver. 

149 pages 

"It's Tuesday morning, and before I get to today's highly thought-provoking topic - and sigh, "horrible headlines" - it's time for another "Miles Franklin Book Review." In this case, from one of the truly good guys of the Precious Metals newsletter community, Gary Christenson; who "deviated" from his typically forensic chart work - fitting, as his website is deviant investor.com - to write a "mystery" titled "Who Killed Doctor Silver Cartwheel?" "Cartwheel" is a slang term for 90% silver content silver dollars coins, before they were de-monetized by the U.S. government in 1964. In other words, what we today refer to as "junk silver." In its brief 160 pages - I read it in just three hours on the Stair Climber this weekend - he spins an entertaining tale of a private eye detective tasked with solving the mystery of who "killed" U.S. silver currency, expertly entwined with his unparalleled charting skills to determine what silver should trade at five years from now. I won't tell you what that price is - other than that it is higher than today - but highly recommend you read it, as I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

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