Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 - 2021 (paperback)


This book projects long-term gold prices based on a proprietary model.  Specifically:

  • Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 – 2021” takes the reader on a journey of discovery that includes: 
  • Why expert opinions regarding gold prices are often not helpful.
  • A history of gold prices since President Nixon closed the “Gold Window” in 1971.
  • The macro-economic variables used to empirically model the price of gold.
  • The formula for the Gold Empirical Model that accurately replicated the price of gold since 1971.
  • What the model projects for gold prices from 2014 - 2021.
  • Gold cycles, important ratios, and market bubbles.
  • Why counter-party risk and the Quantitative Easing policy pursued by the Federal Reserve and most other central banks will impact the price of gold and your financial future.
  • Why Fed policies and exponentially increasing debt will force gold prices and consumer price inflation much higher.
  • Central bank gold sales and their impact upon gold prices.
  • You will understand why you must own gold.  Then you will learn where, how, and when to both buy and sell gold.


Book is 148 pages long.

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