Gold Value and Gold Prices - ebook and Paperback

"Gold Value and Gold Prices From 1971 - 2021" is a fresh approach to the analysis of gold prices.  The book explains the need for an objective model of gold prices, the process for creating that model, and the results. 

Since 1971 the calculated gold price created by the model has a statistical correlation of 0.98 with twice smoothed monthly gold prices.  The model calculates the long term (up and down) trends of gold prices based on macro-economic variables, and not from technical analysis or fundamentals. 

The book also discusses projections for gold prices through 2021, various cycles and macro-economic ratios, counter-party risk, central bank actions, bubbles, Fed policies, exponentially increasing debt, and consumer price inflation. 

Additionally, the book discusses where, when and how to buy and sell gold. 

Book length is 148 pages.